Building a brand for your business

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Building a brand for your business – is it really necessary?

Advertising and creative professionals sometimes say that a brand is the business’s DNA and building a brand is necessary to turn a run-of-the-mill business into an empire. Indeed, building a strong brand is what helps define the value and character of your business, it acts as a compass in days where business isn’t booming and most importantly, helps you to separate your brand from other competitors in the market, therefore, increasing your sales.


The basic foundations of building a brand

Your brand is the way your customer perceives your business. It represents the business’s core values and mediates them to your customers through a fabric of marketing strategies. There are many ways to define a brand, but the basics of most ways include these principles:

  • The business’s values –

    the brand broadcasts the business’s values through interactions with your clientele on different platforms. A great example of that would be looking at the brand built by OSEM and the Bamba baby. The baby is now so well known in Israel, representing Bamba’s values, symbolizing that eating Bamba is mandatory in any celebration and even more so, that just opening a bag of Bamba is a celebration in itself.

  • Designing your business –

    design-wise, when creating a brand, you need to select a logo and color scheme to accompany the brand throughout different platforms. The logo and brand colors will often coincide to make the brand more present and differentiated from competitors. A good example of that would be the branding of Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, which uses orange and silver throughout its entire branding, companies like HOT using the color red, or the convenience store chain YELLOW who unsurprisingly picked the color yellow to adorn the logo and the stores themselves.

  • Brand language –

    the brand language includes both the selection of the brand slogan and the manner in which the brand expresses itself in commercials or posts on social media, etc. The brand language needs to represent the brand’s values and uniquely address the target audience. A good example of an Israeli brand that very cleverly uses brand language is the beer company GOLDSTAR. The company speaks in a unique form, addressing the beer consumers, that is expressed in the company advertising and slogans.

So, why is it so important to build a strong brand identity?

Building a strong brand is much more than increasing long-term sales. When you build a brand, you allow your business’s vision to be formed, your core values to be set and true foundations to be built to reinforce your brand and allow your business to grow and even withstand difficult times. A strong brand is an essential tool both for big companies and for small businesses. A brand is a valuable property with no exceptions that should become profitable for each company and business.

Building a digital brand

In the past, building a strong brand was something involving many resources and for that reason was mainly reserved for big companies like Coca-Cola, building one of the most successful brands in the world, or Nike, whose marketing and branding strategy is taught today in every business school in the world.

Today, building a brand is possible for just about anyone with the use of smart strategies for different platforms such as social media and search engines. Because we at Ino believe so strongly in the power of building a strong professional brand, we’ve made it our specialty and one of the first things we talk about when a new customer is asking for our help. We would be more than happy to take a look at your business and find the best strategy to build your very own brand, help you succeed, and establish your business high above the competition.