You can stand under my umbrella – When marketing is revolutionized

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In the past few years, the marketing world has experienced real tectonic shifts when traditional marketing platforms make way for focused digital marketing arenas. Today, one of the key factors in a business’s success is the digital marketing setup they uphold and the marketing strategy they choose. INO is now revolutionizing the field, making the construction of your marketing structure simple, efficient, and most of all – creating results.


Why is a sound marketing structure so important?

Building an effective working marketing structure is every business owner’s dream. A sound marketing department helps enforce the brand, reach more potential customers, and eventually stabilize and grow sales. These days assembling a marketing team is no easy task. The market is overflowing with inexperienced “professionals” doing somewhat sloppy work, and even after finding all the right and qualified professionals for the job, you need to align all of them in a team effort to cooperate perfectly and reflect that cooperation in the end result. Dealing with all the aspects of building the marketing department may be quite a hassle for business owners causing them to waste precious time, and most of all, precious money gone to waste for unsuccessful or inefficient marketing campaigns.


One-stop-shop – The way INO works

One of the many things that made Nir Oren, the CEO of INO, start the company, is the way the market was built up until then. After having worked in the marketing field for many years, front lining many campaigns, Nir had enough experience and connections which he decided to harness on his behalf. The idea: creating a digital agency that provides a holistic marketing service, bringing together all the best professionals in their respective fields, all under one roof. Nir was able to build a team including every professional needed in digital marketing and traditional marketing together. This team includes graphic designers, website designers, and art professionals, content writers, copywriters, and editors, campaigners, social media managers, influencers, programmers, analysts, PR professionals, project managers, and more.


What sets INO apart?

Under Nir’s management, INo provides an all-inclusive service, provided by the best professionals in the business, working together in complete synergy  and building efficient marketing moves that create results. The benefits of such an agency are clear:

Time efficiency – 

no need to search for a needle in a haystack. INO can find all the specialists you need in the same place.

Saving money

no more spending money on badly planned campaigns that don’t work.

Creating results –

which ultimately means creating more sales and increasing revenues.


What more do you need to know?

Our bottom line is that we believe the service INO offers is your dream come true – we strive to take care of your every marketing needs. All you need to do is contact us and hop under our umbrella… There’s plenty of room.