Consumer behavior online in 2021 – What has this past year taught us?

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Digital advertising and marketing professionals have the obligation to constantly be ahead of the game, identify changes and trends in a rapidly changing market. The year 2020 was a year that sped up the move to online commerce and exposed many new trends that educate us about consumer behavior, purchase habits, and even search habits of the typical online shopper.

The covid-19 pandemic – A catalyst for digital processes
When you analyze data for online trade for the year 2020, you can quite clearly see that the covid pandemic has had a great impact on consumer habits and has greatly contributed to a massive shift in the consumer world to online acquisitions. The scope of online shopping in Israel was about 15 billion NIS which make up 12% of the entire retail market. In the US, the numbers are, as can be expected, a lot greater; in the year 2020 the online marketing arena reached a scope of 4.2 trillion dollars, and according to predictions is expected to rise to 20% of all transactions by the year 2024.

So, what do Israelis actually buy?
If we take a look at the online purchasing data for the Israeli audience during 2020, we can see there was a specific rise in purchases in areas revolving around the consequences of covid such as quarantine and the inability to buy basic necessities. In the computer and technology industry, you could see an increase of 64% in online shopping, the food industry had an increase of 71%, and the most impressive and probably most surprising increase would be that of 103% in the restaurant business which in the past year relied mainly on takeaway and delivery. This data clearly specifies that the restaurant owners were smart enough to make the necessary adjustments, according to what the time and the audience demands, and so in an era of a global pandemic was able to rise. You can see other certain areas that show a direct shift to online shopping when 56% of the public attested, they would prefer to do all their shopping online and 66% confessed that their online shopping expenses grew immensely during that year.

Remarketing – how to utilize the tools you have as a business owner during a pandemic
One of the main causes that online sales show such a great rise, is the way online stores and businesses use the power of remarketing. With remarketing we take advantage of advanced technological tools to monitor the customers that have visited our website, classify them as interested customers, and take them through a marketing funnel all the way to performing a purchase. This way you can reach many potential customers that are already interested in your brand and throughout time significantly increase sales. The important thing here is to understand how to make your remarketing creative, interesting, and most of all – efficient.

Our bottom line
In conclusion, you can definitely see significant trends that shift customers to online shopping; even though the markets are definitely in recovery after the pandemic has subsided in Israel, it seems that the one thing that might not return to normal is our shopping habits as consumers. We seem to have fallen in love with online shopping and we are expected to enhance this new habit and help it grow significantly every year. For us, marketers and digital merchants, understanding the trends in the market is a basic necessity in order to survive in this competitive, dynamic, and fast-moving world, as the online shopping world is. When you combine marketing tools such as creative remarketing, data analysis tools, and techniques to help you identify your target audience, you will be able to take a very nice piece of this digital marketing cake. We at INO are proud of our successes, especially during these unexpected times, and we would be proud and happy to help take your brand to the next level.