The best of both worlds – how was Ino created?

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Nir Oren is an experienced marketing professional and entrepreneur at heart. He is also the founder of Ino, a marketing agency that he likes to describe as a hybrid agency that brings together the online digital world and the offline world of marketing. So, how did he decide to build Ino, and how an idea that was born while taking a bite of a pita was what started Ino to begin with?


Starting point

For many years, Nir has worked as a marketing media professional specializing in media campaigns for bars, restaurants and other culinary businesses around Tel Aviv. During that time, he had worked with the best professionals in marketing, managing dozens of successful campaigns alongside them. The experience and connections he accumulated was the very basis that helped him to establish Ino, with the idea of combining the online world and the real world to create boundary-crossing exceptional campaigns.


What does a pita have to do with anything?

One of the most interesting campaigns Nir worked on before founding Ino, was born while he oversaw marketing for a restaurant called Dunia, by chef Meir Adoni. One day, while he was visiting the place, he noticed one of the customers, a beautiful woman, taking the first bite of a very juicy full pita, and his imagination sparked. He quickly came up with an ingenious campaign idea for the restaurant combining digital elements with physical world marketing moves. The campaign encouraged customers to share on social media pictures of them taking that exciting first bite, and every shared photo would gift them with benefits for their next meal. This was the first time Nir combined the online and offline world which was the very foundation on which he will eventually build his own marketing agency.


What is holistic marketing?

Based on the notion of creating a combination between the new digital marketing world and the traditional marketing tools existing, Nir built an agency whose idea is to give a complete and full service in the marketing world. He has collected all the best professionals with whom he worked throughout the years: creative and content creators, designers, project managers, etc, to create an agency that delivers every element needed to create a complete marketing campaign under one roof. The benefits of such an agency are clear: professionals working in complete synergy, enabling business owners to receive a fully functioning marketing structure without having to lift a finger.


Looking forward to the future

Today, Ino offers their services to a wide range of different customers. Nir and the professionals he works with have a true passion for marketing and creative work,  and now you have the chance to take your business’s marketing to the future and become another member of the Ino family.